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Mortgage Products

Lender Placed Hazard Insurance

We offer the most competitive lender-placed hazard insurance program in the marketplace. GAAFV tailors the program to meet the lender's needs. The lender may elect to place and cancel the certificates themselves or they can fully outsource the program to us.


Our staff studies and is familiar with the coverage provided by the many carriers and can evaluate your portfolio flagging key risks. Then a policy and endorsements can be issued to make sure that your properties are protected and don’t slip through any holes in the coverage.

Real Estate Owned Insurance (REO)

GAAFV's TotalREO program gives you the protection you need on your foreclosed properties, tailored by you, with limits, deductibles and coverage available at different increments.


These coverages are available on an all-in-one master policy that includes automatic Protection.​

Available Coverages


  • Hazard

  • Flood

  • Wind

  • General Liability

  • Contractors Liability

  • Earthquake

Coverage Limits


  • Hazard & Wind Property: $1M up to $7M

  • Flood: $25,000 up to $1M

  • General Liability: $250,000 to $1M

  • Contractors Liability: $50,000 and $100,000

Lender Placed Flood Insurance

Whatever your compliance needs may be we have the solution.  Our flood tracking products are specifically designed for lenders.  Here are some of the features available.

Covers Most Properties


  • Residential Real Estate

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Mobile Homes

  • Builder's Risks

  • Vacant Properties

  • Condominiums

Other Features 


  • No Waiting Period

  • Back Dating Available

  • Replacement Cost Coverage

  • Matches Coverage limits set by the NFIP

  • Excess Limits when the Borrower has deficient Coverage

Blanket Real Estate Coverage

When a traditional tracking program is not needed or not sufficient to cover a portfolio there is blanket hazard coverage.


Many times it is most beneficial to the lender to track on one portion of the portfolio and to place blanket coverage on another portion. A common example of this is covering the second mortgages with a blanket and tracking only the first position mortgages.


This approach is effective due to the very low risk of second mortgages and the reduced price for the blanket on seconds. In most cases the property must be foreclosed on before a claim can be filed.

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