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At General Assurance of America for Veterans we strive to deliver technologically superior risk management solutions that significantly reduce workload and protect your bottom line.
For the last 51 years, we've made many changes to maintain our company's focus, and to match its products and services to the specific needs of the financial marketplace. We've learned that the best way to keep focused was to listen to our most valuable advisors, our clients.  We respond to them with the most practical solutions and alternatives available. As you know, the needs of financial institutions are constantly changing; to meet these needs, we have integrated cutting edge technology into our insurance programs. This enables us to provide superior products and outstanding customer service.

Lender Products & Services

Vehicle Coverages

Mortgage Coverages

Insurance Tracking Services
Keeping up with compliance can be a frustrating and costly experience. That's why GAAFV uses the TrackUSA system to streamline tracking and insuring your exposures. Make your life a whole lot easier and let our staff do the heavy lifting.
Insurance Tracking Services

Outsource your tracking program to GAAFV completely and avoid the headache of tracking collateral internally. Simply mail, scan or email your work to GAAFV and let us do the work while answering phone calls and protecting your bottom line and customer base.


Our program uses the latest state of the art technologies to deliver results that will drive the amount of lender placed policies down, saving you charge off expenses and encouraging the borrower to obtain their own coverage. This keeps them in their vehicle or residence making their payments.


GAAFV will perform a full audit of your insurance status and provide your loan portfolio with a clean bill of health within six months.


We’ll even back that up with our Automatic Coverage Guarantee. This means that in the event of a loss when there is no lender placed certificate or borrower coverage in force, GAAFV will issue a certificate to cover the loss.


Our approach is to protect your bottom line by moving the risk from the lender placed policies to the borrower’s policies through a series of letters to the borrowers and phones calls to the agents. GAAFV can track any type of loan in this manner.

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