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Vendor’s Single Interest (VSI)

VSI is a blanket policy covering the lender's entire portfolio.  It is the easiest solution to insuring your vehicle portfolio! 

What does VSI cover?

  • Physical Damage: Losses due to theft or physical damage to repossessed collateral before or after it was repossessed.

  • Skip: This covers the lender when they are unable to locate the borrower or collateral.

  • Conversion: In the case that the vehicle is transferred to another party without the lender's consent.

  • Confiscation: Coverage for when you cannot repossess a vehicle because it has been confiscated by the government.

  • Instrument Non-Filing:  If you are prevented from repossessing a vehicle due to an error filing the Title with the proper public office.

Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)

CPI is designed for borrowers who have let their own insurance lapse.  Coverage is placed that protects the lender and the borrower from loss to the collateral.  The cost of the insurance is added to the loan balance at no cost to the lender. 

What does CPI cover?

  • Physical Damage: Losses due to theft or physical damage where there is no other coverage in force. There is no requirement to repossess the vehicle in order to file a claim. 

  • Claims Settlement:  This policy offers to repair the vehicle for the borrower, pay the loan balance or pay out the Actual Cash Value of the vehicle.

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)

In the event of a total loss where the insurance on the vehicle does not cover the balance of the loan, GAP coverage pays the difference.   The borrower can opt-in for GAP coverage when they execute the loan agreement. GAP coverage greatly reduces charge-offs. 

What does GAP cover?

  • $50,000 Limit per Loss

  • Coverage for Entire Term of the Loan

  • One Flat Charge per Vehicle

  • Premium is Paid by the Borrower

Title Tracking Services

The TrackUSA System has the ability to track the location and adequacy of vehicle titles in a number of different scenarios.

What does Title tracking Track?

  • Receiving the initial title from the dealer.

  • Cover letter with the title to the DMV for correction. These letters are customizable and can be sent for a number of different reasons.

  • Once a lien is satisfied a report can be produced listing the titles to be modified with letters to the DMV to remove the lien.

  • Other Events may be added to this list based on the lender’s Request.

  • For direct loans there are events setup to request titles from the DMV directly.

  • Track the certificate of origin for floor plan loans.

  • Ad hoc letters and reports can be generated for the lender to use upon request.

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