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Auto Products

Vendor’s Single Interest (VSI)

VSI is essentially a blanket policy covering the bank against damage to repossessed collateral. The lender typically pays for the coverage out of the loan origination fees. Pricing is available on a per vehicle basis, premium due at the time of loan origination or a premium based on the monthly balance of the portfolio.

Collateral Protection Insurance

Collateral protection is designed for borrowers who have let their own insurance lapse and are unable or unwilling to obtain new insurance on their vehicle. It is most often paired with an insurance tracking program.


The premiums for the insurance are added to the borrower’s account, saving the bank the need to pay for the insurance. If the collateral becomes damaged the CPI insurance will repair the auto keeping the borrower in their vehicle, leading to a decline in repossessions.

Vendor's Single Interest Plus (VSI Plus)

This is a combination of the traditional VSI insurance and the Insurance Tracking Program eliminating the weaknesses of both.  


  • Eliminates the need to repossess a vehicle to file a claim (VSI).

  • No need to place coverage on a repossessed vehicle to file a claim (CPI) 

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)
  • $50,000 Limit per Loss

  • Coverage for Entire Term of the Loan

  • One Flat Charge per Vehicle

  • Premium is Paid by the Borrower

  • Borrowers opt-in for Coverage at Loan Origination

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